God's Love, People showing love towards one another, Blessings, Repentance, Real Men, Unity, Forgiveness, Freedom, this is what I think about when I think of Sunday's Reconciliation Service. I cannot tell you how God truly blessed us on Sunday. I mean, I have NEVER witnessed anything like this before in my life. I am in awe. People are calling me with nothing but joy, excitement and gratefulness.

— Fayetteville, GA

I am delighted to report that our church has now moved forward from the struggles of the past with a new passion for following Christ and a new joy in the journey. Our leadership team has a new direction and a new model of leadership and shepherding. The congregation has found a renewed energy for ministry rooted in our unity of faith and purpose.

— Jacksonville, FL

I can't promise the process is easy or comfortable (it certainly wasn't for us) but it is healing and therapeutic. Issues that should have been addressed in the past (sometimes LONG ago) are surfaced, healed, and freedom is gained to move on.

— Enid, OK

"The attitude of the church is visibly changed; you can see it on the faces of the people as we gather on Sunday mornings. There is a new sense of joy that was missing in the past."

— Binghamton NY

"We celebrated and grieved, rejoiced and repented. Truly God's Spirit was bringing cleansing, conviction and comfort. It was a beautiful experience . . . We believe revival has begun and will spread."

— Denver, CO

"Several of the elders said that they felt a huge weight being lifted from their shoulders. I simply could not imagine moving on as a church without dealing with all of this stuff."

— Vancouver, WA

“This journey provided the means by which our fellowship could sit down at the table and process through some of the traumatic events of our history. Coming out of this journey we have a renewed sense of health and hope for the future.”

— Franklin, TN

God is healing individuals in order to bring healing to the body and He is healing the body in order to bring healing to individuals. Relationships that have grown apart over the years are being renewed. Relationships that were never pursued are now being gently nurtured.

— Hanover PA

The program of repentance that God has called you to; is powerful, scary, rewarding, nerve wracking and in the end produces Godly fruit."

— Bowie, MD

"I want to share with you that our church just completed the Healing The Heart of Your Church process with a corporate renewal service this past Sunday. It has been an intense but very profitable journey for our church, and the service this past Sunday was a wonderful time. I want to thank you for the printed materials that you have provided that have guided us through this process of discovery, spiritual conviction and repentance and healing for our church. "

— Hesston, KS

Please copy and paste this link to read the amazing things God did at a church in Madison, IN. They were kind enough to copy us on the process and thank us for Blessing Point's resources that proved helpful to their situation. http://madisoncourier.com/main.asp?SectionID=178&SubSectionID=963&ArticleID=72837

— Madison, IN

Blessing Point was an instrument of God in the development of our church. We went from a small, dysfunctional and dead church to a vibrant, healthy and outgoing church focused on reaching the lost and blessing our community!"

— Charlotte, NC

"Today everything is different, we are ready to re-launch our church and our only objective is to live in community pleasing our Holy and Beautiful Lord Jesus Christ!! We bless the name of our Savior for the ministry of Blessing Point."

— Charlotte, NC

"I really believe that God was in the whole healing process that we went through. Since the consecration service this past September we can sense God working in so many ways. People in the congregation and visitors who know the church talk about how they sense a totally different spirit. Attendance is up and even giving is up during hard economic times."

— Syracuse, NY

"This past weekend at FBC for us was one of those special times of healing and restoration that only a few pastors ever get to experience . . .We headed hope on Sunday absolutely stunned by God's grace . . . we left having experienced reconciliation, love, acceptance, honor and renewal of friendships."

— Walkersville, MD

"We sense a growing work of God in the corporate heart of our church. Healing and hope are beginning to capture one heart at a time."

— Farifax VA

Learn what it's like to go through the Healing the Heart of Your Church process. Listen to Pastor Glen Williamson as he speaks about what their church is doing to heal its congregation.

— Freeport, IL