Blessing Point helps mend the tapestry of church life through various means. Whether it’s self-guided discussion, scheduling a training event or using the services of our consultants we can equip your church at all stages of your journey.


When the repetition of painful crises leads you to believe that your church needs help on a deeper level our Blessing Point consultants are here to help.  Our consultants help your church get unstuck and bear more fruit by identifying and addressing underlying hindrances to your church’s ministry as well as offer other specific skills.

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We offer a growing number of resources in the field of corporate healing. Maybe you sense your church is wounded and needs healing. Or, perhaps you simply want to protect the health of your church by better equipping its leaders. In either case, we hope you’ll avail yourself of our growing family of resources related to repairing, restoring or preserving your church tapestry.

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Speaking & Seminars

Whether you’re equipping your leaders, seeking a thought-provoking keynote speaker for your group, or need a Sunday morning speaker, we can help.

Themes include:

  • Healing the Heart of Your Church
  • The Heart of a Leader
  • Protecting the Health of Your Church
  • Equipping Pastors and Interim Pastors in Corporate Healing
  • See our book titles for more ideas
  • Stand-Alone Messages

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