God keeps taking His people around and around through similar experiences until they finally learn the lessons that allow them to make further progress. Could that explain your church’s problems in the present?  Are they taking yet another trip around Mt. Sinai?

Dr. Kenneth Quick, Director of Consulting and author of Healing the Heart of Your Church

How do you know when you need a Blessing Point consultant?

– when the repetition of painful crises leads you to believe that your church needs help on a deeper level.
– when the credibility of your pastor, elders, or leadership team is at risk.
– when circumstances suggest that the future of your church may be at stake.
– when you suspect your church’s past may be hindering its future
– when you need an objective, trained, and experienced outside voice to facilitate the process
– when you’ve read Healing the Heart of Your Church, by Dr. Kenneth Quick, and it resonates with your experience

What can Blessing Point consultants do for your church?

– We help your church get unstuck and bear more fruit by helping you identify and address underlying hindrances to your church’s ministry.
– We equip your church to put past conflicts behind you in a healthy way, a way that God can bless.
– We help you clarify issues in your church, that you sense exist but have not been able to identify, which contribute to ministry frustration.
– We enable your church to experience relief from the after effects of past crises and wounds in your church’s history.
– We help your church deal with the source rather than the symptoms of its problems, freeing it from unhealthy stress.
– We hope to lead your church to the place where “God things” are the norm in your ministry, rather than managing the latest crisis.


In 2003 Dr. Kenneth Quick’s book, Healing the Heart of Your Church, went into circulation.  Ken’s book struck a deep nerve in the Body of Christ and out of the resulting demand for his consulting services he established Church Cardiology.  Since then churches from a variety of affiliations have experienced God’s healing power.

In 2007 Church Cardiology became the consulting branch of Blessing Point Ministries.  Blessing Point, headed by Rev. Mark Barnard, received its 501C3 nonprofit status in 2008.

Every year Blessing Point ministers to more and more churches in need of corporate healing.  The things we see God do often astound us.  As churches take the initiative to hear and respond to what the Lord is saying to them through the problems they face – they experience a renewal of corporate health and blessing.

Symptoms to Consider:

– Has trust in your church’s leaders eroded, resulting in an atmosphere of never ending suspicion?
– Do people over react to leadership decisions no matter who the leader may be?
– Does your church fail to make progress despite your best ministry initiatives?
– Has your church been wounded by internal conflicts?
– Have people left the church over one divisive issue or another?
– Have you been asking God to reveal unseen hindrances in your church?
– Are your church’s leaders worn out and discouraged?
– Does your church have a repetitive history of corporate pain?
– Do you secretly wonder if your church will survive, if you will survive?

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