The following letter reveals some of the Holy Spirit’s work in Hanover Fellowship Church which experienced the Healing the Heart of Your Church process in 2013.  It illustrates why Blessing Point Ministries exists.  We trust you’ll get a better idea about our ministry from Suanna’s letter to Dr. Ken Quick.  Ken is Blessing Point’s director of church consulting.

Dear Dr. Quick,

Thank you for asking me for feedback on the Healing the Heart of Your Church process and the impact it has had on me and my family personally, as well as, the impact it has had on Hanover Fellowship Church.  I believe that it was done in God’s perfect timing and I have seen His hand moving continuously throughout the last several months.

“No one knew what to expect”

First, the day-long seminar revealed the need to work towards finding the reasons for and healing the wounds instead of allowing them to “heal over” with the dirt, debris and infection doing damage under the surface.  This prepared hearts for the work to be done during the second stage of the process, the historical retreat.  No one knew what to expect which I imagine went a long way to allowing the Spirit to work.  It was not so easy to close the heart when one only knew that history would be discussed, but did not know what else could take place.

So much forgiveness and healing actually took place that weekend which was completely unexpected.  It was amazing to see what happened because hearts were softened and were willing to look at truth and were willing to understand what led to the pain and suffering.  The Restoration Service was more powerful and more moving than anything that could have been asked of God or thought of by us. Prayers and hearts’ cries from a few months to several years ago were answered that night.

“It’s like a flame that is consuming us.”

The impact this process is now having on Hanover Fellowship Church is truly amazing.  The church is healing.  God is healing individuals in order to bring healing to the body and He is healing the body in order to bring healing to individuals.  Relationships that have grown apart over the years are being renewed.  Relationships that were never pursued are now being gently nurtured.

Seeds of sin, hurt and wrong attitudes that have taken root are being exposed and then willingly removed.  Leadership is taking responsibility and is now committed to lead sacrificially and the body is willing to humble itself and submit to that leadership.  Hearts are becoming like-minded in the purpose of serving the Lord.  It is like a flame that is consuming us.  It started small, then began to burn brightly and now it is touching everything in its path.  No heart, no relationship, no sin, no attitude, no pain nor sorrow is being left unaffected.

“My family has experienced freedom.”

As for me and my family, we have been brought through a long and deep valley.  This process opened our eyes to the truth that the painful events experienced were not just from one circumstance.  The pain was a culmination of years of problems, sin, wrong attitudes, and mostly forgetting our first Love.

Somewhere along the way I turned my eyes from Jesus.  My family suffered greatly.  My positions and responsibilities became the focus and priority of my life.  Then all the pain, fear and personal accusations caused me to attempt to run from God.  Only I came to understand the words of David in Psalm 139.  Where could I go from His Spirit, where could I flee from His presence?  I finally stopped turning away from God and became willing to face the pain and the problems. I do not know what my future service for the Lord will look like.  I only know that I am taking each day to rest in Him and to grow as He leads.

My family has experienced freedom.  Our hearts have been turned back to God and to one another.  My children feel more secure because they have seen what God can and will do with those who are willing to listen.  They have seen His care and His hand in the events of our family and our church.  The Restoration Service especially brought them to a place of peace and forgiveness.  They again call Hanover Fellowship Church “Home”.

“It would be incredible if . . .”

It would be incredible if all the churches that are hurting or that have painful pasts that were never properly dealt with could go through the Healing the Heart of Your Church process.  Oh, the things that could be accomplished in this lost world!

Thank you Dr. Quick for your willingness to be used by God in order to bring healing to this church and therefore, to the individuals that make up Hanover Fellowship Church.  I hope this letter helps with the feedback that is desired in regards to the process.  Again, thank you for being such a wonderful support.

God’s Richest Blessings to You,


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