Tapestries were often used to depict the history of a people or a nation as a painting might. Important scenes were knitted into fabric to preserve stories and events that otherwise might be lost to history.

At Blessing Point we feel that a church’s spiritual journey through the years is like one of those tapestries, where stories of the great things God has done for a people get preserved and the stories are retold. However, sometimes a church’s tapestry can start to unravel or get torn by painful events.

Blessing Point Ministries works to repair that damage.  We work to heal congregations that have been negatively impacted by painful crises.

If God has led you to our website, chances are you are in a ministry that is losing its grip on the good things God has done and is getting frayed. Your church may be suffering damage at this very moment, damage which includes your own heart and spirit. We believe that, unless these issues get addressed the right way, the fabric of your church will continue to unravel and limit the effectiveness of all ministry initiatives, no matter how sincere, gifted, experienced, educated, or committed the leaders and people may be.

Our mission is to repair the holes and damage done to the God-story your church was intended to tell.  Contact us today to begin a conversation about restoring the fabric of your church.