After the letter of repentance from Birmingham International Church came out last month in the Birmingham Times (pictured above), a CBS affiliate picked up the story. Several newspaper articles have also been written about the church.. Please join us in praying that their story would find wider distribution. With our country’s ongoing racial tensions, we need churches, like this one, to play an active role in healing the racial divide. Though in many cases, as the church in Birmingham did, such churches need to address their own sinful history first.

Birmingham International Church wanted to take their story public after going through the Healing the Heart of Your Church Process in 2015. Follow the links below to learn more:

CBS (WIAT) News Report – Vestavia Hills Pastor Seeks Forgiveness After Discovering Church’s Past – 9/21/17

Let’s Talk Race – Birmingham Times – 9/19/17

Birmingham International Church Lives Up to It’s Name 9/12/17

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