Joseph Unrobed: Holding on to Your Dreams When Life Seems Like a Nightmare

Joseph Unrobed is designed to address some of the personal issues that give rise to congregational dysfunction. Additionally, If you are looking to make greater sense of a painful past, gain discernment into God’s work in your life, or help someone else do so, then Joseph Unrobed can help. Illustrated by stories from the author’s formative years, in a home marred by mental illness, Mark Barnard traces Joseph’s trail of strewn clothing on a journey from woundedness to healing and from nightmare to dream come true.

  • Discover how God can bring good out of the worst of family dynamics.
  • Learn how false accusations can lead to unexpected opportunity.
  • Discern the way God uses disappointment to shape you for the future.
  • Start to get free from unresolved issues that weigh you down.
  • Realize what it takes to move forward in God’s plan for you.

Study questions at the end of each chapter provide opportunity for personal reflection or group discussion.

Rev. Mark Barnard serves as president of Blessing Point Ministries. Mark has a BA in Bible and an MA in Pastoral Studies. He previously authored The Path of Revival, Diagnosing the Heart of Your Church and coauthored The Eighth Letter among other titles. He is a father, grandfather, and husband of over thirty years. Mark and his wife Jeannie reside in the Atlanta area.

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